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For those interested in all things Detonics: — groups.yahoo.com/group/DetonicsCollectors/

Detonics new websight: — www.detonics.ws

The best 1911 .22 conversion made: — www.marvelprecision.com

A good site to locate used firearms: — www.gunbroker.com

A good resource for those that travel while armed: — www.carryconcealed.com

A fantastic range and gun club in Itasca county Minnesota: — www.itascagunclub.org

Miscellaneous links

A great resource for anyone with a GM diesel: — www.thedieselpage.com

Very nice custom knives at a great price: — http://charlesmayknives.blademakers.com

Hardest working fishing guide in northern Minnesota: — www.jeffsundin.com

A nice local resort with great owners: — www.pineacres-resort.com

Hunter extraordinaire: — www.waynebomstadoutdoors.com

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Firearm resources
Firearm resources