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Conley Janssen and Triple T-C Firearms Instructors have experience in martial arts, less-than-lethal defense, danger awareness, home and personal self defense. Mr. Janssen also has taught shooting skills for 4H, Jr Civil Air Patrol and other youth groups. Any of these can be combined to make a custom class for groups or individuals. Classes on basic firearms knowledge and safety, reloading and other firearms issues can be arranged. Conley Janssen and Triple T-C are certified under the Itasca Gun Club listing at the Minnesota Public Safety web site for the Minnesota Pistol Permit class. Conley Janssen is also a certified test administrator for the North Dakota Concealed weapons permit and has supplied students with the necessary information and material for the Florida non-resident concealed weapons permit.

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Conley Janssen has been shooting since age 5 and involved in shooting sports since age 14. Over the coarse of those 30+ years he has developed a great respect for education in firearms safety and use. With experience in many types of shooting sports, he decided to move towards helping shooters be safe and effective. During his service in the Marines he was rifle marksmanship coach and was on a special weapons anti-terrorist team. From 1994-1998 he received certification to teach Minnesota DNR hunters safety and many NRA shooting courses. In 2003 he teamed up with 3 other premier instructors in Itasca county to form Triple T-C Firearms Instructors. This was done mainly to help with the influx of Minnesota pistol permit applications and training requirements. Being in Itasca County, Triple T-C has some of the most experienced instructors available for the Minnesota pistol permit. Triple T-C has been working with the local Law enforcement for permit training since before any state training requirements were set.

Janssen is a certified Range safety officer, Youth program director and Action pistol officer for Itasca Gun Club and Range. Itasca Gun Club is the range that most of the classes offered take place at. It has rifle target to 300 meters with covered rifle benches, a 50 meter outside covered pistol range, and an indoor classroom and 50 foot pistol range. He can also come to your range for classes.

Conley Janssen also has extensive training in arctic and cold weather survival. He was an Arctic warfare survival instructor in the Marine corps and has trained in places such as Iceland, Norway and many northern training bases in the United States. Classes can can be custom tailored for groups or individuals and can be for emergency short term survival, recreation winter camping, or long term survival plans. These classes are best taught in the winter.

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IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, and NRA national classifications

International Practical Shooting Confederation Safety Officer

International Defensive Pistol Association Safety Officer

Minnesota DNR instructor

NRA Pistol NRA Rifle

NRA Personal Protection

NRA range safety officer

USJA Green belt Judo

USJA Class 2 JuJitsu

USMC Primary Marksmanship Instructor

USMC anti-terrorist team

USMC Less-Lethal training 

USMC 4th award pistol Expert

USMC 5th award rifle Expert

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