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Repairs, sales and custom built firearms

Janssen Fabricating Enterprises LLC (JFE) offers many gunsmith services and is also a Class 7 Federal Firearms manufacturer and dealer. Services include rifle, shotgun and pistol basic repair, service and advanced cleaning.

Many types of custom work is also available. Rifle and shotgun work includes recoil pads, action tuning accurizing and load development. Custom scope mounting options and action bedding can be done as well.

Some pistol services offered are custom sight installation, action tuning, custom mill work, and bead-blast or heat cured epoxy refinishing. Custom carry de-horning and reliability work is also available. The Marvel 22 conversion for 1911 type pistols is one of the most accurate and reliable in the world. JFE is a dealer for this conversion and can do any fitting that could be needed.


Conley Janssen has been working on Firearms for 15+ years including armorer work on 1911 type pistols in the Marine Corps. 1911 type and Browning High Power pistols are his main specialty but anything is possible. He is very experienced in the unique operation and function of sub-compact 1911 type pistols such as the Detonics Combatmaster. Mr. Janssen is one of the founding members of the Detonics Pistol Collectors group. He is considered an expert on Detonics history and the firearms they made and has made custom replacement parts for these guns.

JFE also offers load research and development with Chronograph services and firearms research, ordering and transfer/shipping services.

Gunsmithing, Licensed Firearm Training and Welding
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