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Currently Janssen Fabricating Enterprises LLC (JFE) has a gunsmithing job shop with machining and FULL welding capabilities. JFE specializes in precision TIG welding and Aluminum repair. However, anything is possible. JFE also offers plasma cutting and minor mechanical repairs. ALL welding services can be done either in shop or at the customers location. Much of JFE's work is mobile Aluminum repair done on-site. Metals worked with include Stainless, Aluminum alloys, all steels, cast iron and others.


Growing up on a farm in central Minnesota, Conley Janssen learned that welding was a fact of life for repair and modification of the farm equipment. He first taught himself to weld at around 10 years old. After his service in the Marines he decided to get some "formal" schooling in the welding trade. In 1996 he attended Dunwoody Institute for welding in Minneapolis Minnesota. He graduated in the top of his class and then stayed on to take advanced night school classes and assist in teaching the basic night school. Conley also has a strong back ground in electro-mechanics, with this and experience he found work at Minneapolis Oxygen welding supply company as a welder repair, service and set-up technician. This job included set up of some very complex welding systems and instructing the owners how to use them. After working here for 2 years he started Janssen Fabricating, a broad based fabrication business to work with everything from emergency vehicle modification and build-up to large shop welding projects.

Conley also has worked for Motorola as an installer and Emergency Vehicle modifer. He is experienced in the building of emergency vehicle lighting, sound, and communications systems. He also has experience with the repair and modifcation of the GM 6.5 Turbo diesel engine. One of the things that JFE offers for sale is a 6.5 injector socket.

Gunsmithing, Licensed Firearm Training and Welding
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Welding services:

All types of MIG and stick welding

Emergency vehicle support and build up

Milling and lathe work

Plasma cutting

Small part beadblasting

TIG or heliarc welding

Torch cutting and heating

Welding machine repair and service

Welding tech support and teaching

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